Friday 13 July 2012

The Employment Relationship

The employment relationship is one of the most crucial ‘relationships’ to deal with, in order for a business to succeed.

Employers are bombarded with laws and Codes of Good Practice and sometimes are so afraid to make any decisions about a staff member in case it ‘back fires.’

Employers have a right to manage their business, and if they need to down size or discipline someone, they can do this.

Employers are allowed to have expectations from employees.

Employees agreed to offer their skills/time, in exchange for a salary.  An employee should always act in good faith, and in the best interests of their employer. 

Fairness is a key principle that labour law and case law considers from any actions taken in the employment relationship.

Diverse Human Resources, we provide an effective link, in the employment relationship. 

Misbehaving staff & tips on how to 'handle' these

Who knows of a business that has staff that misbehave?
When staff misbehave how does it make you, or a manager feel?
Probably Angry, Frustrated, Want To Take Vengeance, Indignation, Injustice
These feelings are real and possibly justified, however they can get in the way of you or a manager taking the right or appropriate action.
Over the next couple of weeks we shall give you some tips in taking the right or appropriate action with misbehaving staff.
The first tip is to tell you to put these feelings on a shelf and put on a new pair of eyes and deal with the situation OBJECTIVELY.

Diverse Human Resources, supporting you, to make managing  your staff, more satisfying.