Wednesday 11 January 2017

Are you self-motivated and able to meet deadlines whilst maintaining a high work ethic?
What makes you a people’s person with a very clear professional attitude in the way you work with people and clients?
Would you like to be investing into your future through the effort you put into the work you produce?
Are you willing to put in the effort to achieve yours and the businesses targets whilst also enjoying flexible working hours?
Are you interested in joining a team that takes an open-minded, creative and comprehensive approach to business, particularly in the people management sphere of business?
Would you enjoy contributing to the continued success of a business that focuses on providing an excellent quality service, particularly to small and medium businesses? And a business that recognizes your positive contribution through in-house coaching and appropriate earning potentials?
Do you know what your own values are and how important are they to you? Do you live life in keeping with principles that are morally ethical?
Do you have either an appropriate qualification related to Human Resource Management and a minimum of 3yrs practical experience in this challenging, diverse but very interesting sphere of business, or, do you have 5 to 10 yrs experience in a senior and diverse role specifically in human resource management with the passion for the ‘topic’ that sustains you when the variety of challenges arrive?
If you can answer honestly ‘yes’ to at least 6 of these questions, and have substantial evidence to back up your ‘yes’ then perhaps we are the company you are looking for? We are looking for the most suitable person to contribute to the continued success of our business and in turn we will contribute to your success.
Our business is complex but our mission is simple. We seek to give our clients a unique competitive advantage by developing the human capital resources in their business by providing people management solutions that deliver success.
The 'role' we offer is not just an employer/employee relationship position, but we are seeking to appoint the RIGHT person as a member of our team. A person who seeks more than just receiving their pay cheque at the end of the month, but who also seeks to see their time and effort as an investment in their future.
SHOULD THE ABOVE BE OF INTEREST TO YOU and you can answer yes to 6 of the questions, please send a message to our email address:  explaining why you are interested in this role. If you are successful in Phase 1, then we shall forward a description of what and who we are seeking and the role the person will have, and Phase 2 would require you to forward your CV, should the role continue to be of interest. There are several phases in our process and we reserve the right to withdraw and discontinue the process at any time.
Thank you

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