Wednesday 14 September 2011

Rowing, a Unique & Fun Way to 'Build Team'

Have you ever thought of rowing as way to build a more cohesive team. It is unique, fun and great way to burn some calories and learn a new skill.
Go to and see how this unique experience can used to communicate your business strategy as well as build relationships with managers and their staff.
I attended the launch of this 'oarsome' experience and had an amazing morning, meeting people who I have never met before and developing a team spirit with another 7 unique individuals through learning to row a 'skull'.
The facilitator of this great experience, Hilary Abraham, is an amazing person as she started the organisation in the hope of developing enough business to contribute to the funding of the coaching she offers to disabled individuals through the rowing club, based at Albert Falls Dam. Most of her weekends are spent coaching blind people, children included, in learning to row!! Amazing! Worthy of support!

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