Monday 19 September 2011

The Value of Carrying Out A Human Resources Audit (Assessment)

Employment law is an ever-changing field. Companies policies and procedures must change with the laws if they hope to avoid litigation. Employers are aware that one of the best ways to avoid employee lawsuits is to have a comprehensive policy manual, and that rules and procedures are effectively communicated to all staff. That’s good advice, but it’s not enough.

Companies must regularly conduct an employment law / human resources audit to make sure that their policies and procedures reflect changes in employment laws.

Carrying out a Human Resources Audit (Assessment) would assist in determining whether appropriate policies and procedures (P&P)are in place.It is essential to note that all policies and procedures should be effectively communicated to all employees and that the practice, and enforcement, of the company’s policies and procedures is consistent.

It is important that the individuals who are responsible for both communication and enforcement  of these P&P’s  are kept up to date with legislation and receive the appropriate training for the enforcement of these.
Most labour related lawsuits can be traced to four distinct stages of the employment relationship: hiring, employee evaluation, employee discipline or termination, and post-employment. Therefore, a Human Resources Audit Checklist should target these areas. 

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